Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanks for Giving!

The festivities are here! This week we celebrated Thanksgiving and had a dinner as a zone with turkey, mashed potatoes, and the whole lot. I attached a picture of me and my companion, Hna. Aldana, and Hna. Maydana--another hermana in our zone. We even made hand-turkeys!! I actually made a peacock just for kicks and attached a picture of that too. (: 

But in other news, Huanchaco is doing so much better with a bishop. In this short week that he was called, we have seen much more activity from the members--and especially from the leaders. Hna. Aldana and I have been using Sundays as our pivotal day to set appointments with the members to accompany us and it has increased our time spent teaching them. With more enthusiasm for missionary work and with the season for Christ approaching, the hearts of the Huanchaqueros are being softned and changed!! 

My studies got pretty deep while reading Jesus the Christ this week and studying out of the manual "The life and teachings of Christ and the Apostles." I learned many new things but above all, I want to share my testimony of Christ's example. He is so perfect; humble, wise, powerful, and loving. He posesses all that we want to receive from the people we know and what we want to achieve in the person we can become. I know that choosing to be kind and abandon our pride brings about miracles and changes in ourselves and others. I know that Christ lives and that He posesses these atttributes even though I have never seen him with mortal eyes. When I choose to love and when I see love in others, I remember what it was like to watch my Heavenly Savior and Brother. 

Hope the beginning holiday season brings about desires to spread the gospel and Christmas cheer! Stay safe, all, and I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas season!

Sister Furness