Monday, May 18, 2015

Jesus The Christ

Sorry folks!

I am afraid I dont have time this week to write about the details of whats happened (besides attaching a photo of me and my table at the multi zone conference this week!!) but I found some great insights in my studies this week and thought I would switch it up to talk about my Jesus the Christ study this week. Talmage is amazing!!

As I was reading in chapter 5 this week, I was so impressed by a new perspective of "virtue" that I never thought about before. To quote some of my notes:

"...I never though of the 'offspring of woman' being the seed or thing that would conquer death/victory over sin. It is ONLY the offspring of woman; not the offspring of man. How is that possible or when did it happen? With Jesus Christ! The ONLY Son of woman and a Man who was not a man. He was and is immortal and God. He was not man. The ONLY instance of seed ever produced by woman ONLY (with the aid of the Spirit) was Mary and her son, Jesus Christ. NOW, I think about the fact that God chose a virgin to bear the Savior of the world--the most innocent and pure and clean being to walk the earth. If God commands us to procreate AFTER marriage, that means of procreation beforehand soil us spiritually, then His choice to "procreate" with a virgin is a sign of selectivity and choice with that which is better (best, perhaps?). A woman who CHOOSES virute qualifies to be the bearer of greater and more perfect things. Virtue=Godliness."

So yeah, that was it for my studies on virtue this week. I felt really impressed by it and feel like I have a new perspective on virtue and the choice to remain pure before marraige. There are just WAY too many instances and investigators we teach that have insurmountable problems now because of their choices to break the commandment of virtue in the past. Anyway, I am out of time so I will talk to you all next week and hope it passes well for everyone!! (:

Hermana Furness

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