Monday, July 6, 2015

Bring Them Home

Bienvenidos a la mision Peru Trujillo Norte!!!

It's official! We are now in the mission Peru Trujillo Norte! Yesterday, we had a meeting with the whole district of Guadalupe and President Marler and his wife. We all took of the sacrament together and the talks were so spiritual. We also had the chance to eat, have a missionary and President meeting, and interview with President, Sister Marler, the assistants, and the other office elders! We basically spent 12 hours in Pacasmayo - ha. 

This week was such a great blessing for me. Although our two investigators preparing for baptism weren't progresing too well, things started to turn up for one of them after our mission leader gave her daughter a blessing. Her daughter has been crying for days on end and is sick with something they can't figure out. Our mission leader of the branch gave her a blessing and she slept for the first time in almost a week that very night. Patty, her mother, has been amazed at the difference in her daughter. I am so happy that Heavenly Father looks out for his children, and that He gives "father blessings" through men that exercise their priesthood authority righteously. 

I attached 2 photos of our day in Pacasmayo--one with our pensionista Olga and her granddaughter Dayhann--the other of my agenda for which I got fancy and decorate my agenda ha. As far as my weekly spiritual thought, I thought I would share something I really liked from our meeting with President Marler yesterday. He said that "the work is never frustrated, but sometimes we frustrate God." It changed my mind about the will of God and how we sometimes believe that the miracles are completely dependent on us or the work only ends with OUR efforts. It is so true, that the salvation of each soul will never be frustrated by us. God simply won't let the imperfections of us as missionaries, members, and those we visit frustrate the work that is rolling forward. WE might frustrate Him sometimes when we choose not to stand on the side of those who are building the kingdom on earth, but we cannot frustrate the actual construction of the kingdom. God's will and purpose will always prevail; our will and way simply cannot touch it. 

I believe that's all the time I have today! Have a safe week everyone and I have the mission blog and address attached at the bottom for convenience. Love you guys! (:

Hermana Furness

Sister Hali Furness
Calle Teodoro Valcarcel
Urb. Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad


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