Monday, February 1, 2016

This week...

It was so busy this week that I haven't wrote in my journal ONCE. I can't believe how quickly January flew by and I have a thousand and five things on my mind. But today is Pday and we're headed up to Laredo as a zone to explore the "huacas" of Hna. Smith's old area. There apparently undiscovered to the public but her old bishop is willing to take us up there because he hopes to get more attention there to turn it a bit more touristic. Until then, I don't think I've got any fun pictures to send home this week! Sorry to be so boring :]

But even though it's a pictureless week, it was beyond priceless the experiences that we had. I've grown so much and learned a huge lesson about being more direct. We had a great intercambio with Huanchaco-my old area-and we will be going to the temple this week for concilio! On Wednesday Hna. Smith and I had the most incredible experience with a taxi driver who's listening to the elders in another part of Trujillo and this is what I wrote:

 We also had a great experience with a taxi driver this week named Mariano. He's receiving visits from the Elders and told us he feels like there is something missing in his life but he can't quite find it. He has been spending all his time working in taxi but wants to be closer to his family and show his love to them. We challenged him to keep the Sabbath Day and he expressed concern in being able to make enough money. I asked him "Hermano, ¿piensa usted que Dios puede efectuar cualquier milagro, incluye con dinero?" And he thoughtfully said "sí, claro." I then asked him "entonces, ¿piensa usted que si usted sacrifica tiempo para adorar Dios que Él no va a bendecirle en su trabajo?" So he understood at that point exactly what faith was. He not only commited to keeping the Sabbath Day holy by being with his family but he commited himself and said "i'm going to take up on what the elders have been asking me to do. I'm going to go to church on Sunday!" and we felt the spirit confirm that he really meant it and is really going to do it. 

As I mentioned, I learned a great lesson about being direct. Sometimes I, as well as others, tend to beat around the bush or tread lightly when we speak or act because we don't want to offend others. From that, however, we become too weak to speak for what we believe or don't say things how we really see them and then feel that others dominate our lives. But my comp has taught me an invaluable lesson in knowing how to boldly speak by the Spirit and be direct while still showing love. Just within 2 days, I have seen a markable difference in the unity of our companionship and spirit during our various missionary responsabilities. I feel liberated as well in being able to speak without hesitation and learn to lower pride when making a mistake. Learning how to be more like Christ doesnt mean spoiling others with all the things they want, it means doing the will of the Father through the Spirit's loving influence. I love the changes we can find in the mission!!

Because of lack of time, I've gotta call it good here. Hope everyone can kick February off to a good start and that we can develop Christ like attributes. Take care!! 

Sister Furness

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