Monday, March 21, 2016

I feel like it's been awhile since I've wrote! Sorry for keeping any of you hanging but as far as a quick update on what's been going on in the mission: everything's been incredible! Hna. Alvarenga has been the best to work with and we're seeing quite a few fruits in the pool of investigators and less actives we've got. There's a mountain of spiritual highlights in the coming weeks as well--including a trip to the temple, a fireside between 3 stakes, a multi-zone conference, women's conference, and general conference! 

We're staying busy as sister leaders and have been learning so much from the sisters of the Primavera Zone! This week we had an amazing FHE with an investigator named Sonia who is truly converting to the gospel. The other night when we were teaching about Christ's church established on earth, Sonia said "so, THIS is the church of Jesus Christ? It has His authority and is lead by HIM?" My stomach filled with butterflies and I could hardly contain myself from jumping up from the sofa and squeezing Sonia to death. We of course told her that she was right and when we went to the FHE at her neighbor's home, we talked about the temples because she's been excited about going to the temple to learn more about it. She came to church for all 3 hours and went to the autosufficient classes later that day. Her only concern is the standards because she's not familiar with what they are and wants to know if she'll be able to live them. We thought it important to focus this week on helping her gain a testimony of faith of commiting to being baptized regardless of what the standards might be. It came to me to help her gain that testimony this week in Sacrament Meeting and it made me reflect a bit on my faith as well. It's so important that the testimony of an investigator isn't built after knowing what's required or knowing what new paths will bring. Faith is required before knowledge and Sonia must not let her fear of what she might have to do determine whether she'll do it or not. What if one of the commandments seems too hard to live? Would I deny the answer God gave me that this is His church and I should be a part of it? Would I only join the church because the commandments are easy to keep? Or am I willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to follow Christ and be a part of His church? 

I want to invite everyone to read up on faith in the scriptures this week. I don't have a chapter or verse for you to read, but I invite you all to take iniciative and SEARCH the scriptures on faith. If anyone has anything interesting, share it with someone and work to apply it in your life! The power of the scriptures is real and I know that God reveals higher and superior information to us through them. The very reading of scriptures is an act of faith alone in hoping that God will bless us and teach us if we read the words of His prophets. Happy scripture searching all!

Hermana Furness

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