Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Conference Weekend

So while everyone is raving about conference weekend, I had to say amen to the spectacular messages that the our dear leaders shared with us! I can hardly pick a favorite but I loved hearing Elder Uchtdorf's message from the Sunday Morning session. What an incredible story about the destroyed city in Germany--we should have such hope in Heavenly Father that He can restore us to our heavenly traits when we think that there are things beyond His reach or it goes against the laws of agency. Holland was amazing as usual and I died over the photo he shared of the "T-Rex named Tomorrow." There's a lot of trials that come our way and escape routes that pass us by because we simply forget to remember Christ. I've set a mental goal to refer my thoughts constantly to Christ this week and it's already been a great "tomorrow" today (: 

We had a pass by to Huanchaco this morning to do a study sesion with the hermanas and snagged a photo on the way out. Hna. Alvarenga and I are both very aware that our moms and dads are going to be hurting from a lack of photos from the mission...:3 

I told President Marler a little bit about 2 investigators we're working with who are incredible. Here's what I wrote:

We have 2 investigators that are really progressing--both are named Sonia. Sonia Muñoz, a young single girl who recently moved from Cajamarca came to 3 sessions of conference and had an incredible dream the other night after church--a man in white robes hugged her and came from waters in a lake, hugged her and said "I love you so much" and invited her to "follow me" into the waters. She decided to rethink her last minute flee to Cajamarca and will stay here. In the dream, the man supposedly told her that "you're just worried about work. Work is much MUCH closer than you think." Interesting, no?

The other Sonia, who's about 55 years old and investigated the church awhile ago, is pretty solid on being baptized on the 16th and is coming along splendidly. She didn't come to conference however and we plan on investigating why. I think Satan is trying to attack her and us by making us think that contact with her once in awhile will keep her afloat. I really believe that we need to make daily contact with her and keep her safe from Satan. We will be teaching her about tithing tonight and she really loved learning about chastity the other night. She's so adorable and I can't believe how much I cannot get frustrated or annoyed. It seems that every time we are in her house, an overwhelming power of love comes and I can't help but teach with so much understanding and care. I really feel like she's a chosen convert. 

We've been very blessed this week to see so many people thirst for the gospel and actively particpate in the branch activites. I love my Heavenly Father for blessing this area and us as a companionship in these last weeks that I have. The trials have still come, but I feel more confident and capable with each miracle that He gives us. I really took to heart what was said in conference--if we are distanced from Heavenly Father, we feel more entitled to His grace and blessings. If we are close, we will know of all that He gives us and we will not be ungrateful for what we receive. The Lord never gives more blessings to someone because of who they are or what they already have. The quantity and quality of our blessings is measure by what we are DOING to ask for them qualify for them, and is determined by our ability to recognize them. May the Lord bless each of us and let us SEE the blessings with spiritual eyes this week. Have a good one!

Hermana Furness

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