Sunday, November 16, 2014


Dear friends and fam,
With a meager 8 minutes on the clock, its another rushed email. My
past hour and a half on the computer was filled with tears, news about
my dear grandfather, frustrating rants about missing toilet seats and
slow internet connection, and an endless list of difficulties. Within
each, however, the frustrations seem to slide away and I realize the
humility that is awaiting me. I start to think about how I must enter
into these trials if I am going to reach the people awaiting to enter
into the Lords kingdom. I remember how lucky I am to serve Gods
children and be the one who delivers the good news of the gospel to my
spiritual brother or sister.

While here in Potapo, just 20 minutes from Chiclayo, I feel like I
have learned the entire world and more. The growth in the field is on
STEROIDS because we are required to work hard. The physical toll isnt
too high--only stomach aches, mosquito bites, and odd tans from our
clothes--its the emotional toll that seems the hardest to surmount.
Self mastery is an art and while others seem to have it on the ball, I
have felt my confidence dissapate as I try to manage myself around all
this chaos. Obedience is constantly echoing in my mind but when I
focus on the blessings, I feel my soul filled with hope.

Well folks, I only have 1 minute and a half. I have to apologize for
not being able to answer individual emails outside of Mom and Hill but
know that they have all been read. I hope that not only my typing
skills but my time limit will increase in the coming weeks, months,
and year and a half. God speed and continue to build all of your

Hermana Furness

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