Thursday, October 30, 2014


K so greatest news ever: I can send pictures this week!!! Which means I have NO time during this hour that feels like a minute to read or write too many emails. This week has been crazy progressive and I am loving and hating the remainder of my time here.
We are all ready to get out into the field and start serving our real investigators. We have had just the smallest taste of interaction with real contacts and potential investigators on our Pdays, but we want to start giving lessons and helping all sorts of people overcome addictions, find peace, gain a friend, and most importantly, invite them to come to Christ. He is our best hope and most consistent source of happiness in life and as missionaries, we desire for all to partake.
In other ways however, there is not NEAR enough time at the CCM for learning Spanish. Its been a bit of a wake up call that we will have to speak Spanish near 100% in less than a week in all our communications with either our native companera or just the people we will be interacting with all the time. Its a bit of adapt or fall by the wayside!!
One of my favorite experiences throughout this week has been my interviews with the Hermans here at the CCM. I have been so blessed to be called a sister leader with my companera Hermana Walker who has done a fantastic job in being a sister leader as well. I love the time for interviews with the Hermanas though because I have truly felt the spirit testify the truth to me most at these moments. All these girls are here to serve their Lord and just need some consolation, a pep talk to keep on going, or just someone to have a good conversation with. We all strengthen each other--honestly, as sisters in a far away Zion-- and uplift one another to never give up and put our strength in Christ. It is so amazing and I look forward to getting to know each one of the Hermanas.
During class this week, we were able to view some pictures of the Chiclayo mission and specific areas within the mission. Let me just inform all of you--look UP Cajamarca. I am SO pumped to go to CHiclayo but I am on my knees praying for a transfer to Cajamarca at some point in my mission. It is beyond exquisite and has near everything I would dream of in beautiful landscapes.
Chiclayo is a blessed area and I cant wait to get my hands dirty with some real work with real investigators.
Since time is short and pictures are in need of attaching, this will have to be the end of my weekly email! I am enjoying every minute here and my testimony has only grown stronger and stronger each day. By next Pday, my in field commencement will have occurred--I can hardly wait to bear my testimony to others about how much I know this church is true. I know that missions are truly the paving for the literal gathering of Israel and that while we await the Lords appearance that we can have joy and peace within this Gospel. I love all of you and hope that the simple principles of the gospel remain intact in your lives. God bless.
Hali Furness
1-my companion and I, Hermana Walker
2-our district mascot\my keychain\Steve the llama
3-me in front of the Lima Peru temple!!

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