Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hola Amigos y familia!

This is the first email on Pday that I get to send!! Ive sent this to my mom so she might be posting this to my blog at and a link to facebook. The first 5 minutes we got here they allowed us to send a quick email that said we were alive and breathing but we didn}{t know we would only be allowed to email again a week and a half later!! So finally here is my email and the details about my blissful time here at the CCM (:
Ok, so the language-
Spanish is going somewhat good haha but that}s only because i{m in a class with some serious champs. Eveyrone is super excited and enthusiastic about learning the gospel and learning the language that you have to keep up! But it{s ok because there are lots of times for companionship and personal study for spanish and reading scriptures. There are a TON of latinos and latinas here and we get to practice speaking spanish to them haha. By the way, my grammer and spelling and punctuation really sucks because we only have 1 hour to type, we{re typing on spanish keyboards, and I{m learning to speak a whole new language haha.
The weather--
It{s much different than I expected--I thought it would be a tropical warm sunny vacationy feel but it{s actually kinda weird ha. The sky is always gray with no clouds really and it{s just a tidge chilly. Not something a light jacket can{t handle haha. Today was VERY warm however, and it was great to see some clouds yesterday. Do you know what}s weird though? The moon is upside down here haha. Instead of a half circle that{s vertical, it is horizontal like a bowl. Weird huh?
Mi compañera--
Her name is Hermana Walker and shes really great! Shes from Provo and is mad funny. She also likes movies and sarcastic comments so its fun to listen to her haha. I don}t know if she{ll be staying here much longer though because she might be headed home soon--she just needs to find the right path for herself (: but i{ve really enjoyed spending time with her--although it is an adjustment to remember to have someone with you all the time; you can}t go to the bathroom without your companion!
The food--
Chicken and rice, chicken and rice, chicken, and rice, chicken, and sometimes rice. Haha but really though the food is amazing! It{s really good and you actually do have options--they do potatoes a lot and fruits, jello, soups. There is ALWAYS eggs, 1 slice of ham or cheese for breakfast. But the ROLLS are to die for. When we first got here there was a sign that said ´´no more than 4 rolls´´ and we scoffed at that because we wondered who really needs 4 rolls.
Only 4 rolls. They{re delicious and we know why there{s a limit now.
The investigators--
When you hear rumors about teaching within the first few days of ariving here you kinda feel like they{re kidding but its so true. We have taught 3 times in spanish and its crazy how much spanish I already know!! Don{}t worry--they{re not REAL investigators but we have to treat them like they are. Its really good practice for the field and I}ve learned a lot about the simplicity of the gospel and the power that simplicity holds.
We pray ALLLLLLLLLLLL TTTHHHHEEEE TIIMMMEE. Morning prayers, meal prayers, opening and closing prayers for each meeting--companishionship prayers, daily planning prayers, weekly prayers, prayers for people that need help, prayers for learning Spanish, prayers for our investigator, just ALL the time. And i luuuve it. If someone ever thinks about going on a mission, they better be ok with the concept of praying.
So today we went to the temple and it was a very neat experience. We stayed in 1 tiny room with about 20-30 people in it and it was all in Spanish. When we got to the veil we had to say it all in Spanish and it was so great! Ah but I forgot my temple reccommend but they accepted my old one that I kept despite Bishop telling me to destroy it. Could think I followed my gut!! ;)
I have some really horrible news :(
we can{t send pictures or written letters until we leave!! :( I{m not sure why but thats just the rules. So i can{t attach pictures today but I took lots today don{t y}all fret (: (shoutout to Jessica E. ;) ) The pictures at the temple were BEAUTIFUL because it was clouded over.
I love and miss all of you so much and hope that my letters can be a good influence in your life. The best part about being with the people here is that they are so Christlike and think to help people with problems everyday. Just today, we were walking on the streets in Lima and a lady was moving boxes into a taxi. Our schnazzy elders in prime suits stopped and started helping her move them into the car. She was so gracious that she hugged one of the elders and he just sat there like an awkward RM that cant touch girls haha. It was so sweet.
I know that this gospel is so true and I can{t believe and comprehend how blessed I am from it. To return to God so happy because I{ve brought some of my sisters and brothers to this gospel will be one of the greatest feelings in the world. I know that the Book of Mormon IS the word of God and that you will take the time to just read it for yourself and no one else. I know that God does love you and he loves me because He provides a way back to Him even though He had to sacrifice His most beloved son. I know Jesucirsto loves us like no other and wants us to take full use of the Atonement that he gave His life for. I know that there everyone and anyone is worth the same as our families and friends--that every soul is worth saving.
I love you all and wish you the best!!!
Always love,
Hermana Hali Furness

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