Friday, October 10, 2014

The Lord Doth Provide

¿Comó estan everyone???
Updates about my time here in the CCM:
So the first thing I have to talk about is all the weird stuff that goes on here! The CCM is SO much fun but it is definitely a scheduled and disciplined place. We are here doing the Lords errand and preparing for it is muy importante. A regular day in the life of a CCM resident--
Waking up, 6:30 a.m. or earlier, and showering in a bipolar temperature shower. (The flush of a toilet turns arctic water into burning lava.)
Breakfast at 7:00 and then Personal Study. The breakfast is ALWAYS eggs, rolls, and ham or cheese of some sort. They are CONSISTENT.
During the rest of the day there is Companionship study, grammatical classes, investigator teaching opportunities, and meals. Physical Activity is SO much fun--everyone wears futból jerseys and we either play volleyball, soccer, or if youre really brave, ping-pong with Presidente Gonzalez---the CCM president haha.
We have discovered, and by we I mean my district, that we can sing CRAZY good together. Somehow we incidently discovered that we all harmonize really well and now weve been asked to perform as a district in devotional and church. Don{t be too surprising if you hear about a traveling missionary group that sings and tours all the missions ;) haha
After dinner, we have more class and more investigators until 9:00-which we prepare for the next day by doing daily planning for a half hour. It is a struggle to plan for an already scheduled day and fake investigators but obeying the rules has truly blessed me and my companera.
Quiet dignity is at 10:15-10:30 in which we all write in our journals, meditate, pray, and think on Christ quietly in our dorms. If you haven{t tried it, I encourage any of yall to try this one night just for the kick of it. It is somthing that I earnestly look forward to and savor every minute of.
Since I only have 3 minutes left of email time, I thought I would save this for the weekly email-
Our new investigator Carlos, has been good, but we were all recorded to look at things we could get feedback on. Yesterday, our instructors gave us some tips and pointers on things we could improve on, but it was pretty techinical. We all felt a little burned by it and felt like they were asking a lot of us for only being here 2 weeks. Then I felt the spirit touch upon my heart. They are SUPPOSED to be pushing us. This isn{t a place where we take our time to learn on our own agenda and will. This IS spiritual boot camp. I felt a bigger desire within myself to push my limits and try harder in all that is asked of me. We cannot do it alone but with the Lord we are made strong. I was so thankful that I was able to look at the situation as something constructive instead of harmful. 
I wish you all the best and hope that all is well in Terreton!!
Hermana Furness

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