Sunday, October 19, 2014

¿Que Pasa? Everyone!

Hello friends and family!!
With 13 minutes left on my email time here goes my weekly email. Everything has been SO sweet here. Our teachers are pressing us to try harder and harder every day so my Spanish and spiritual muscles are growing while we are trying to physically lose the pounds from the chicken and rice we eat every day haha.
I thought I would take some time to talk about my experiences on Pday today. We always get to go to a morning session inside the Lima Peru temple. It is so neat to listen to the sessions in Spanish--there is really nothing like it and it is so beautiful to be doing work for people that lived in Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, etc.
This morning and afternoon, our lunch ladies went crazy and made us these fantastic meals! We eat eggs and rolls literally EVERY morning and they just decided to make french toast. Lunch was this crazy buffet of pasta, desserts, rolls, and more so you know...the blessings of righteous desire right? haha
During classes this week, our teachers have been pushing us really hard here. They want us to work hard on Spanish and we have learned that we cant slack off here. It is such a blessing that these teachers care about us enough to push us. They really arent doing it for more money in their pockets--they push us because they care and have traveled the journey with us of knowing zero Spanish to being able to actually communicate with people of a completely different language.
One of my most favorite spiritual moments out here this week was during devotional. We all put on headphones because the speaker talks completely in Spanish, but they werent working this week. It was hard to try and focus on everything he was saying to try to piece together his talk but then towards the end, I just KNEW what he was saying. His face, his countenance, his spirit, everything about him. It all spoke to me and I could feel his love for this gospel. I could believe that I didnt even need to know the language perfect to know what he was talking about. What a tender mercy of the Lord.
With only 3 minutes left on my timer, I have to say adieu but I truly wish you all the best! I have a testimony that the gospel IS for everyone and that its so worth it to just give it one shot. THe transformation people have in thinking that life is good to KNOWING life is great is unbelievable. We all share the gospel through our examples and whether its intentional or not, people will perceive what we do if its good or bad.
Thank you all for all the support and keep on keepin on!!
Hermana Hali Furness

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