Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How long have I been here?

Am I really almost done with my training? These weeks are flying by and I can feel my time in Patapo starting to slip out of my hands. The beginnings of conversations about me leaving Patapo have started to arise with the members I have become close to here. We are all crossing our fingers that I can have 1 or 2 more transfers here before the water works come :( 

But on the other hand, I am loving what I am doing. I still cant believe how much growing there is to be done and how much growth I get every week. There is always so much good to think about despite the hardships. This week, unfortunately, I was sick again. We think that a flu is going around because many people are receiving the same thing. It was just a few time vomiting and a lot of stomach pains. But everything is good now and we should be back on track to our regular schedule (: 

Also, to catch up on photos, I am just going to start sending from pictures from these weeks. My time during the CCM will have to be celebrated one day when I get home (: 

To answer mom's fruit question--yes! There are many different fruits and fruit types here. There are 40 different potato types alone if that doesnt provide a field of variety (haha get it ;) ) but there are SO many good fruits. Hermana Rosana, our pensionista, makes pies and drinks out of the different fruits. They all taste so delicious and I wish I could bring so many of them home. At the end of my mission I hope to bring home a jar of a fruit flavoring to still make the "pay de chirimoya" that Hermana Rosanna makes. Count your lucky stars mom! (:

Since I am out of time, I will have to cut this short.t (: I am starting to find out that posting things on blogs, worrying about getting all my pictures to you doesn't matter in the long run. It really boils down to a living, breathing, and healthy family that can enjoy the love that they have with each other and the possibility to give that same love to others in the world. 

Hermana Furness

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