Friday, January 2, 2015

Un año nuevo y compañera nuevo

Happy New Year everyone!
With a new companion and year at my side I feel so happy about the outcomings of this week. Because I dont have time--as per usual--I thought I would copy and paste some of the things from my email to my mom. They were special experiences that I believe will inspire all of you and inspire a trial of your faith with Heavenly Father:

"Today, I had an opportunity for that obedience. This morning, we made tortillas with a couple in our ward since all of us were craving a taste of Mexican food. We cooked inside the chapel and the elders were there. Just an hour ago, Hermana Dodson was on the computer and I was quitely reading my book in the corner. We could hear the radio of one of the Elders from the other room, and it was playing Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. If I remember right, that isnt an innappropriate song, but for the field, we are asked to have a higher standard of music choice. To only listen to the hymns, classical music, or spiritually inviting choices helps us focus on our purpose as missionaries every day, every hour, every minute. I stammered up some courage and walked into the room to ask if we could change the song. They willingly replied and I felt such a reassurance from Heavenly Father that that was what I needed to do. Minutes later, the zone leaders and a few other Elders walked in. If I hadnt asked to turn the song, impressions might have been made about the Elder with the music and about me and my companion too. It just went to show what a blessing obedience can bring.

My email is quite lengthy but I just want to mention one more thing that I told Ashley this week-- I received confirmation about what I need to do after my mission! Through divine revelation and guidance in my patriarchal blessing, I know that I need to be a teacher during my life. It will help my family and as I am instructed, I will be guided to the classrooms and knowledge I need in this life. I am so thrilled that I have an answer to such a begging question. What is better is, I cant receive any greater training to be a teacher than to be on a mission! While I focus on serving the people, I will learn how to be a better teacher. What a BLESSING this mission is."

Thanks all! Good luck to the missionaries in the field, safe holidays to the people at home, and God speed with all. I love you all and thank you for the support!

Hermana Furness

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