Monday, January 5, 2015

Pictures? Maybe?

Another attempt to send pictures. I have more time today and this is a really fast computer so Im crossing my fingers!!
Ok. So that might not be happening. I am trying to work it out but I thought I would reply a little while I am waiting. 

Not much has happened in the last few days, but at the same time, I am growing everyday. We had a lesson, with a lady named Georgina and she would not listen to ANYTHING we were saying. We were so caught up in telling her that WE have the truth, WE are the only gospel of Jesus Christ and WE are what you need in your life. I had had enough of this talk and realized that what she needed was love and the truth. I told her that I believe all churches have the truth but that I knew for myself that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints contains the full truth. I told her that I would not have sacrificed the comforts of home and miles between my family and I to tell something I didnt know to be absolutely and unequivocally true from God. I told her that we want to hear her beliefs, her fears, her doubts, her hopes, and her problems. At that moment, she had changed from a hardened and weathered mother to a broken and wounded child of God that was looking her help in the face for the first time. She listened to everything we said after that and Hermana Dodson commented that my testimony totally CHANGED her. It was empowering but more of a growing experience than anything. It has fueled my desire to be worthy of the Spirit in all times and places and has ignited my desire to cultivate better attributes by serving others. This mission might change a few, but if not, its changing me. I cant be anywhere else that Heavenly Father wants me to be and what a blessing that I have a family that supports that. I love you and pray for you--always hoping my testimony can strengthen yours.
I think that will do it all for this week. With two minutes on the clock, I need to sign off or get a picture or two on here haha.

Hermana Furness

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