Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Im still alive!

Dear friends and family,
My deepest apologies for not being the most consistent writer in my weekly emails. A lot of emails and other distractions have caught my attention but I hope that things will be a tidge smoother thanks to my dear companion Hermana Dodson. 
Things are running smoothly and quickly here in Patapo, Peru. I love this area but fear I will see changes soon when cambios come around. Hermana Dodson and I have grown closer than ever and our personalities seem to compliment one another well. We have a FANTASTIC investigator named Wilmer Valderrama, and he wants more than anything to be baptized and give everything he has to show God his faith. The only drawback? His wife doesnt want to get married (even though they have 5 little ones running about) and so he cant be baptized until they get married. 


Yeah sad. 

But in other news, we are starting to draw closer to some of our investigators potential in setting a baptism date. We recently had a woman named Lili open up to us about some horrible things that passed in her marriage, and she told us that she wants to "change for herself and change for her children." Her future is looking extremely bright and when she came to church yesterday, she said right in the middle of the Relief Society lesson that she was going to apply the teachings immediately. We werent even teaching her and she was already creating and keeping her own commitments! What beauty and simple evidence that the Lord prepares His children for this Gospel. Our job as missionaries is just to find those people, show them the spirit, and provide the doctrine for them to accept. I LOVE this work!!

Oh and did I mention something else? Ive lost about 19 kilos here since what I weighed before the mission and what I weighed today when we went running. (That´s about 40 pounds haha) 0.0 So yeah, this mission is bringing about quite a few changes. 

Dont have much time now but thanks everyone for all the support and fantastic words of encouragement youve been sending. I wish you all a great week and a desire to testify of the truthfullness of this gospel to all those loved ones around you. 

Hermana Furness 

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