Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Water is Polluted

It has been such a spectacular week and I don't know where to begin. 

On Tuesday we had a district meeting that completely changed my perspective on the work in Huanchaco. We have been focusing on less actives because that's a huge problem in south america and Hna. Bronson and I felt that it was our duty to get the lost part of the herd back into the coral. But our district meeting on Tuesday was amazing and I heard God say to me that "I NEED you to be finding those that do not know the gospel yet. Your focus isn't on the less actives right now--I will take care of that. I just need you to find new investigators right now." It was so clear that we set a goal of 14 lessons with members this week and we celebrated with 15 completed lessons yesterday. So it looks like we will be working to find people to baptize (: 

Alright. 2nd greatest moment of the week. We were teaching the Garcia Family this week and taught them about the plan of salvation. They ALL paid attention and it was one of the best lessons me and my companion had taught. At the end, I felt prompted to invite them to be baptized and it went over smoother than butter. They still need to pray to know if it's right, but the mother of the family said when we were with them:"well, if we are to be baptized, we should be baptized as a family, no?" 


I was SO happy to hear that.

3rd best moment of the week--we were in Ward Council yesterday and the stake representative, President Calderon (who is acting as bishop until we have another one called) talked on how we are going to organize the work in Huanchaco. We created lists and we will be deciding on who's names to fill the lists with this week. I thanked him afterwards because Hna. Bronson and I had been desperately crying and praying to God on how we can organize the work here. It's hard to be a missionary. NOT because of walking everywhere, the culture is different, or because it's not our accostomed lifestyle. It's hard because people don't want to progress sometimes and it's hard because trying to balance all our responsabilities is a magic act. But the best news is that those things are manageable with the help of the Lord and dedication to trying our best. It is AMAZING to be a missionary. 

I don't have much time, but I gotta share this thought from our legendary ward council meeting yesterday. The 1st counselor to the stake president is our back-up bishop, if you will, right now in Huanchaco. He talked about ward as a fish tank and the danger of "polluting the water" with gossip. It has been a pretty bad problem here, apparently. But he talked about the necessity of a water filter to keep the water clean, which is the bishopric within the ward. All of the gossip and hearsay should be taken to the bishopric who filter out the lies and find the truth to keep the ward healthy and sanitary for those who are in it and those who are visiting. When we have a loving environment free from groups and gossip, investigators and new converts will swim happily in our little ward tanks (: I just thought I would share that all with you!! 

Hermana Furness

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