Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Got Some Good News

Hello everyone!
I wasn't really sure what to write this week, but I thought I would get some thoughts out. As far as news, Hermana Bronson and I found out that we have another transfer together, so hooray! (: We have really become close and Huanchaco is another home to us. We called a list of members after our conference call with the zone leaders to let them know that we would be staying. We'll be making Reese's peanut butter cookies with a member today to celebrate! :D

Oh, and are you guys getting pumped for General Conference? Cuz I am STOKED. Start getting ready for it now so that this year's conference is something special for you all! :) 

I learned a lot about the reality of Ether 12:27 this week. God has shown me weaknesses I had never discovered before and he quickly showed me how to turn them into growing opportunities. My companion and I had a huge testimony building conversation last night and I love those moments in the mission. I have a greater desire to actually seek out the things and talents I am bad at so that I can find out how to be a stronger and more cultivated person. I got a LONG ways to go, but it's nothing that intimidates me now! Truly I invite you all to write down the things you feel you are good at and another list of the things you want to improve or learn how to do. Going about it is a personal search but the words of Jacob 4:7 is something I found comfort in. Have a happy Monday everyone! (:

Sister Furness

Oh yeah, I attached one of maybe 4 pictures I took this week. That's my weak attempt at drawing Tarzan holding my companion :) Enjoy!

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