Friday, December 26, 2014

Cambios Cambios...

Dear friends and family,
A bit of a triste week Im afraid. My dear companera Hermana Hawks is going home as she has faithfully served the Lord for a year and a half. I must pay tribute to what a fantastic trainer shes been and how I am so thankful Ive gotten off on the right foot at the start of my mission. She was truly called of God to serve the people of Peru and all of us in Patapo will miss her dearly. Truly, she is a legend of the Peru Chiclayo mission.

On the other hand however, things are blowin up here in Peru. I am LOVING every minute of the missionary life and wish I could share how amazing it is with everyone. My spanish, teehee, is actually progressing quite well. Everyone has told me that I speak very well and I actually understand about 90% of the conversations. I am definitely not near perfect but I feel a step ahead of the game. 

This week I thought I would give all of you in the states a little taste of costumbres here in Peru.I made a list on one of our combi rides back from Chiclayo one day and thought they would be fun to share (:

Coming into a room--all the women do that little italian cheek kiss thing and all the men shake hands. 

Christ and God are eveeeerrryyywhhheeerre. All the cars and motos have "Dios es mi guia" or "Cristo nos alma". I lovvee it.

Everyone says buenos dias, tardes, noches. Everyone on the street will be friendly and talk to you when we greet them good morning, afternoon, night, etc.

There are speed bumps all over the road. And everyone drives like its Tokyo Drift. The crazy thing is, I trust nearly every driver on the roads here. Theyre all crazy but no one gets into wrecks. Crazy.

Perros. En todas lados. Insectos tambien. Especialmente sancuros.

In patapo, we are surrounded by sugar cane. The fields are all green billowing stalks and I love passing them on the way to Chiclayo. 

I dont have any more time but thanks so much for the support friends and family! I am loving this mission and want to bear my testimony that I KNOW this gospel is the church of Jesus Christ himself. We have so much purpose and potential and hope in this gospel and I want to show everyone how much happiness they can have with this knowledge. Suerte everyone!

Hermana Furness

P.S. I got a surprise surgery for an ingrown toenail this week. Surprise mom!! (:

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