Monday, December 8, 2014

The First Agenda

Dear Friends and Family,
It seems I've reached a milestone in my mission--this coming week will be my first 6 completed weeks in the field and that means I will finish my 1st out of 13 "daily planners" or "agendas" in the mission. Feeling pretty accomplished for finishing the first 6 weeks of the first few struggle months. 

This week has really been fantastic though. We had our first baptism date set with one of our investigators named Maria Violetta. She is the sweetest and most tender hearted soul. She knew that the church was true just from reading the introduction to the BOM. What courage and faith she has; it is simply inspiring.

As with most if not all weeks, I dont have much time to write this email. I would love for you all to check out D&C 58:3-4. It is so beautiful and really pinpoints what struggles we have with faith. We have to trust the designs of God and wait for the reward after the work. I am loving reading the D and C chapters. 

Well, with a minute to spare and no computer port for my camera, I am afraid that this will have to be the extent of my group email. Your individual emails have been such a great support to me and I hope all of you are doing well wherever you are in this world. God speed!

Hermana Furness

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