Monday, March 30, 2015


Dear ladies and gentlemen (hang on to your seats),

This week was FLIPPIN' crazy. I have so much news both good and bad:

First, this Tuesday I was called in the middle of a day to be informed that I had emergency cambios (changes, moves) to Jaen the next. I had 2 hours to pack, 1 hour to say goodbye to a select number of people. Hermana Rosanna (our pensionista) threw me a last minute fiesta with spray foam covering my head and she fed us a fruit salad, chocolate cake, and chocolote chip ice cream. I was torn to leave Patapo under the circumstances of emergency cambios--more sad that my time with Hermana Arenguren was cut so short.

Second, it was decided that it was better to keep me with Hermana Gonzales in Chiclayo to wait until Thursday night--when I would fly to Lima to get my new passport and "I´m a Peruvian" card. SO I was with Hermana Gonzales and met her adorable pensionista, went to Lima (solo Hermana)--where I near passed out with stomach aches after we arrived--and then spent all my time in Lima waiting in Migraciones to do everything.

After Lima, I returned to Chiclayo and ended up staying with Hermana Gonzales until today--thinking I would be going to Jaen--until... 


I found out that I am being transfered to Guadalupe, area Guadalupe with Hermana Mariano. My jaw near hit the floor it was so agape. If any of you dont know, Guadalupe is one of the areas that will be cut from the Chiclayo mission in the coming months to be part of the mission Trujillo 2. Soooo......I am going to be in another mission O_O 

Que loco este día....

But to be honest, I am avoiding all emotions of being sad or distraught about it all because 1) Guadalupe is BEAUTIFUL and I have a great companion 2) I have blessings of being in both missions and 3) It is just SO much easier to be happy than to be sad :)

And so, we sail on. I only have seconds before I have to go, so I love you all and wish you a great week. Ciao!

Hermana Furness

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