Monday, March 23, 2015

Time Flies

Hello all! 
This week unfortunately included 2 sick days for me, but nevertheless, I am MUCH better and things are looking great for us!! This coming week is expected to be SUPER busy with moving apartments to a house down the street, going to Lima, and doing intercambios with our sister leaders. But busy hands are happy hands and I am looking forward to all of it (: 

This week we had a fantastic lesson with a man named David Silva. He had been taught by countless companionships of missionaries, and I visited him since my time with Hermana Hawks. He professed that he had done everything right and prayed for an answer but didnt get one. He admitted with time that he felt a peace or happiness but it wasnt clear enough. His less active wife wasnt helping his situation and this week we were a bit doubtful in knocking his door for the first time in awhile.

With time and moments to think, we taught him this week knowing that he is ready to accept the gospel. We got personal with him and asked him why he wasnt accepting the peace and happiness as his answer, and he hung his head to admit that he didnt want to make a commitment he couldnt keep. He KNOWS the church is true, but he had doubt and fear as an overshadow to making a covenant with God. We testified and taught him that we receive mercy, forgiveness, strength, and change ALONG the way in life, and baptism is just the first step in showing God that we want to try our whole lives to change. He felt confidence and faith fill his heart and we found the perfect moment to invite him to be baptized. Before we could finished saying the sentence to invite him, tears filled his eyes and he nodded his head. He agreed to the 18th of April and now we have to pump out all our strength to help him prepare. He was truly prepared by the Lord and now we have to finish dotting the i´s and crossing the t´s. 

I dont have much time for any elaboration on my favorite scripture this week, but as I was reading in Romans 1 this week, I found a perfect verse that explain human nature in pridefulness:

22 Professing themselves to be wisethey became fool.

Food for thought (: I love you all and continue in prayers for your safety and well being. Have a great week and happy 6 months in the mission!!

Hermana Furness

I attached a picture of Hermana Lili’s boy Arron. He is seriously the cutest! 

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