Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Never Have I Ever

Wait for it.......LOST MY PASSPORT! Oh yes, that was me. When we went to do our documents to get our "I am Peruvian" cards in Lima this past Thursday, I lost my passport. Or it was stolen. I am not quite sure. But anyhow I am passportless and will be flying to Lima today to get my new one. So no worries yall. Everything is all good!

The worst part of it was making everyone go out of the way for me to get my situation figured out. I waited in Migrations for 3 hours while everyone was finishing their documents, but during those 3 hours I met someone that made it all worthwhile. Her name is Lourdes, and she is from Trujillo and has been married for 5 years and has a 3 year old daughter. She asked me where I was from and we began chatting about why we were both there. I tried to make an introduction into church topics, but it wasnt picking up and she said that she was a faithfully attending Catholic. Finally, I asked her if she liked to read. She said yes and I followed up to ask if she ever read the Bible. She said that it had been some time since she last read, and I encouraged her to read it and that we actually have a book within the church called the Book of Mormon. I briefly told her the origin, history, and purpose of the Book of Mormon and she listened to every word I said. She asked me who founded the church, and I smiled and paused before saying "well, Jesus Christ did." She tried to clarify and I asked her to let me explain. Right there, in the middle of people buzzing about and noises everywhere at Migrations, I taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I told her the first vision and testified that if she wanted to know this church is true, she should pray like Joseph Smith and also read the book of Mormon. She was truly listening to everything I said and I KNOW through the Spirit that she believed what I said. I really think that she is going to investigate the church in Trujillo. But who knows! (:

And what a milestone I have made! I am now reading in the book of John in the New Testament and it is so beautiful. Speaking of milestones, my group from the CCM has made our 5 month mark. Isnt that crazy?? Anyways, During my readings in Luke, I wanted to share one thought from chapter 16:

10 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.
 11 If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?
There are SO many ways that we can apply this scripture, but I think one of my favorite applications is through our preparation to becoming Gods. That is the ultimate goal no? To become like our Father and live with our family for eternity--that seems to be the finish line for me. Entonces, in the margins of my scriptures I have written "How are we able to govern worlds as Gods if we cannot govern ourselves?" Having faith in Christ means having the belief that His grace can change us if we so put forth our effort. The changing of habits, addictions, personality, attributes, and instinct is so rare in the world. Christ makes ALL the difference in our transition from undisciplined to disciplehood. We use COVENANTS to internalize these changes and in promising God that we will keep these changes, He is the only One that can hold us accountable. The pursuit of life is not only happiness--but learning that self mastery perpetuates it.
I love you all and wish you the best this week. All of your emails bring such comfort to me and others and I hope that the spirit is abundant in your lives :) 
All my love!
Hermana Furness
Attached is a picture of Hermana Shirley, me, Hermana Dodson, and Hermana Sharon from the Patapo ward. We love them and we decided to do the "Dodson braid" this past Sunday. Love them!!

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