Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Feliz Navidad :D

Monday, December 28, 2015

How was everyone's Christmas? For the Huanchicas, it was a great year and although some trials befell us, we had a good week and are hoping to find success in the coming week. A bit of bad news: Hna. Irma was NOT baptized this week :( Despite all our efforts to make sure she was prepared and her own confirmation that she was ready just hours before the baptism, 5:00 rolled around on Saturday and Irma didn't show. When we called, she said that she was having a "proceso de asthma," and that because of the rain, her asthma was acting up. When we went to visit her yesterday, she seemed like it was more a problem of fear but she insists that she wants to be baptized. We will be working more with her this week and I'll keep y'all update :]

I have a TON of photos to send this week in comparison with weeks in the past--my birthday, the Christmas party, our seafood lunch with all the family of our pensionista, and other events have taken up the other half of my camera memory X) But I attached one of all the crazy seafood our pensionista's family prepared for Christmas. There's picante de pescado, chicharrones de pulp (those were the BEST!), ceviche, sudado de pescado, arroz con mariscos, and a whole other load of food. It was all super delish. And I also have a photo of us at the Mission Christmas Program where we had a talent show afterwards. I'm truly surprised at how much talent the Trujillo missionaries have! 

We had a great lesson with a less active this week about setting goals. The Spirit was bursting within the room and he could hardly contain himself from spilling to us what has happened to him lately and all his other comments. As we discussed the importance of goals and the importance of remaining hopeful, positive, and happy during the process of reaching goals, Fernando (the less active) truly lit up with hope inside. It was so amazing to watch the change within him as we filled up his "hope lantern," and he started to glow. In the mission I have seen how easy it is to get discouraged and know that there are always a hundred reasons to be down. But nothing good EVER comes from being discouraged; although feelinggodly sorrow is a sadness, it differs from discouragement in that we can feel sorry or guilty for our mistakes but still mantain hope and faith in the future and in ourselves. Don't mistake discouragement from sorrow, and pray to Heavenly Father when we feel the desire to move forward leave us. I heard a great phrase this week that applies to this very principle, that we must not be "creations of the situation, rather creators OF the situation." 

Have a happy new year everyone! Stay safe and keep away from the cuetes! :D

Hermana Furness

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