Monday, January 18, 2016

Pressed for Time

Today I hope to be brief because I am pressed for time, and have to say that this week all we do we have done in the breath of being pressed for time! We got crackin' down on the study sessions with the hermanas in the zone and being an hermana leader has already taught me so many incredible things! Of course I seem to forget them all when I come to the computer, but I have to say that overall I have learned where to best spend my energy. My sister Hillary talked about that in her email (thanks by the way! (: ) and I have to say amen to her thoughts. With more responsibilities and just nothing for time, I have to learn where my priorities are and planning sessions become my life saver. If there is a plan, all the chaos is organized into distributed times, but if I fail to plan or fail to plan well, I'm left at scrambling here and there to get it all done. With a plan there's peace! And in the plan of salvation we DEFINITELY find peace. (:

Quick scripture reference-no kidding. Quick spiritual experience. So this week we were on the street talking about how to be better guided by the spirit (because our citas fell through and we were a bit stranded because our plan b's fell through too) and we started to walk past a lady who was looking out at the taxis passing by with a concerned look on her face. I thought, "well, this is a moment to find out if she needs help. Maybe the spirit's guiding us to her!" so we stopped, asked if she needed help, and found out she was looking for her daughter who should have returned back from the beach hours ago. Hna. Smith asked her if we could say a prayer with her to ask for comfort and she agreed! She said that we must be angels because God directed us to her and she was amazed that we knew we should stop. It went to show me that the Spirit speaks SO softly and slightly and if we choose to ignore it, a great experience can pass us by. I hope that we can visit her and her daughter who DID return back just an hour after we talked with her. 

Anyway, times up for this email. I attached my goodbye photo with the Gordon Family and another of the temple that's just outside our cuarto. Blessed beyond belief!

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